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Fire Blankets!

why are they so important?

By Matthew Clayton

Yep! that red box or bag that hangs on the wall in your kitchen or canteen at work, The one where you might be tempted to say “There is nothing wrong with it we’ve never used it”. 

What could there possibly be to know about a white bit of cloth that you place over a fire in the kitchen? Well a lot more than you might think!

As fire extinguisher service engineers covering Norfolk, we have come across some shocking examples where nobody was even aware. We have seen fire blanket boxes empty!  blankets used on fires and stuffed back into the box, We have even seen fire blanket boxes used as a hide away for keys and other things we cant possibly mention….. The reason for this blog post is to really get you to look at the blanket in your premises (if you have one?) and ask yourself “If I need to put a fire out with this, will it work?” 

Fire blankets are very universal, they can be used for clothing fires or to even cover yourself when escaping a fire, so don’t just look at them to put out a chip pan fire, they do have other uses.

Check the positioning of the blanket, They are no good hidden in a cupboard or hung above the hob where you would have to lean into the flames to get to it.  

There are a few basic checks you can do to see if your blanket is serviceable… 

 1 – Check to see if yours has a label on the blanket itself? This should have the relevant BS Numbers, and also a country of origin. If yours does not have this there is a good chance its a cheap copy and needs replacement. 

2 – Check the age! If there is no expiry date the industry advises replacing every 7 years regardless of condition. 

3 – Check to see if the outer case and blanket has a Kitemark? 

4- If you have any doubt get in touch with us and we will be very happy to check these for you.

Fire Blanket Norfolk

“Fire blankets do not last forever, They require annual inspections from a competent person. If there are any issues the blanket will possibly require replacement”

One of the things that sparked this post was the example below, we found this in service in a working food establishment, and had recently been inspected and passed!  I will leave this with you to make your own mind up.

Old Condemned Fire Blanket

Thank you for taking the time to read our post and we hope you have learnt something new today? It would be great if you can share this across your network to educate others as well. 


Matthew Clayton 

Norfolk Fire Protection (uk) Ltd