Our Engineers are fully qualified and attend regular refresher courses to ensure we keep up to date on regulation changes. We can maintain all extinguishers that comply with British standards and offer great prices too. We do not tie you into a lengthy contract, we want you to stay with us because you love what we do. The process is simple, we remind you each year when your equipment is due its annual service and we book an appointment to come and visit. After the service you will be provided with a certificate to show that you are up to date and compliant. We are also always on hand to support you as and when you may need us. 

So Why Choose Us?

We believe in offering our customers a specialist service where we can maintain your extinguishers rather than just replace them. The process of selling new equipment seems to have become an industry standard but it does not have to be this way. We have invested in specialist equipment and carry everything we need to  carry out 5 year discharge tests on water and foam extinguishers. This not only saves our customers money but it is kinder for the environment too. We only use verified fire rated foams and additives to ensure that your extinguishers will continue to protect you and your business exactly how they were designed to. All of our recharging is strictly carried out to BS5306 Part 9.

Norfolk Fire Extinguishers

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Norfolk Fire Blanket Service

Our Fire blankets are high quality products. After recent tests it has shown that many blankets out there in service are not up to the job, many have even been found to be nothing but fakes. The fire blankets we supply are kitemarked and come with a 7 year life, There are commonly 3 different sizes of blanket and we will always choose the size that is most suitable for your needs. A common misconception is that a fire blanket will last forever. This is not the case, most manufacturers recommend replacing either after use, contamination or when 7 years old. 

Fire blankets

AFF Foam Extinguisher Norfolk

Foam extinguishers are a great choice for class A fires as they carry a high fire rating and also can fight a B class flammable liquid fire, along with being conductivity tested they are great for use in many premises. Although they are not suitable for direct use on electrical fires they are considered safe for use around these items. 

AFfF Foam

Co2 Extinguisher Servicing

Our Co2 extinguishers are always brand new, We do not sell re manufactured units. We only sell aluminium bodies with frost free horns and they are always kitemarked to BS EN3. Co2 is ideal for electrical and flammable liquid fires. Given that Co2 is a gas it leaves no mess but caution must still be paramount as they should not be used in confined spaces.  


ABC Powder Extinguisher Norfolk

ABC Powder extinguishers are a fantastic choice as they are suitable for many different classes of fire but several years ago British standards changed, this saw a reduction in powder being used inside buildings. If these extinguishers are used inside a building it will reduce visibility making your escape harder and make breathing very difficult. There is still a place for powder extinguishers but you will mainly see these in petrol stations, construction sites etc

abc powder


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