So what is one of our most frequently asked questions?

it might not be what you think.........


In a world where fire safety should be at the forefront of everyones minds, the advice we seek and the products we use should all come from a trusted source, and in the event of a fire, protect you, your employees, guests and your property. We get asked lots of different questions but I felt this one is worth a little blog post………

“Can I not buy these cheaper on the internet?”

And our answer is…………….. “Yes” you most probably can buy them cheaper on the internet, but be careful there is normally a reason. Firstly you may not be looking at the same product we are giving you a price for, and thats why we wanted to take a little bit of time to explain why. Getting a price for a Co2 extinguisher for instance will have many different variants, The most common is the difference between re manufactured and new units. 



As we all know internet sales have ripped the high street apart over the past few years, more and more small retailers are shutting down as they just cannot compete with the internet. There are many benefits of internet shopping, if there wasn’t it would be so popular. 

But should we recommend it for life saving fire equipment….

Time and time again we are seeing cheap products flood the internet, these products are sometimes untested and in my opinion should not be for sale. 

We pride ourselves on only supplying quality kite marked products that we feel 100% confident we can put our name to. We keep our prices competitive but we do not compromise on the quality to just compete with the internet prices.

I think the biggest thing that is sometimes overlooked is that by buying a fire extinguisher from the internet and hanging it on your wall does not mean your business is compliant. All fire extinguishers are required in British standards to be commissioned and maintained onsite by a competent person. This is one reason why our extinguishers can be slightly more than buying one in a box from the internet. Companies offering pre commissioned extinguishers in the post are not conforming to British standards and are potentially putting you and your business at risk.

We see many extinguishers purchased from the internet because there service company is slightly more money.  We see customers that have sometimes assembled the units themselves and left Co2 horns loose, this will most probably break your wrist if used, or worse kill you or someone nearby. Not to mention also fail to put the fire out. 

We would always advise using a company that is experienced and will commission the correct equipment at your premises and conform to British standards…… 


Thanks for reading 🙂 


Matthew @ Norfolk Fire Protection