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Do we have to PAT test by law?

Although there is no direct Law that states PAT testing must be carried out, there are regulations in place that hold businesses responsible for maintaining electrical equipment in the workplace. Not complying with these regulations can result in large fines or even a jail sentence. Insurance companies may also stipulate that PAT testing has to be carried out too, if not done this could result in delays with a settlement or worse still no settlement at all. PAT testing is the safest and most cost effective way to make sure you are compliant with these regulations.

PAT Testing Norfolk, Norwich

How does it work?

Our engineers have undergone thorough training and are fully qualified PAT testers. We can test all of your portable electrical items and provide you with a detailed test sheet for every item we test. Each item will then be fitted with a PAT test label detailing if the item has passed or failed. Also who carried out the test and when the next one is due.

Portable Appliance Testing Norfolk

Microwave testing

Every microwave we PAT test will also have a thorough leak and heating power test carried out. Given the nature of these items it is very important that these tests are carried out.

Microwave Testing Norfolk

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