• Alarms

    Alarms (5)

    We stock a large range of site alarms, Fire bells and air horns. Take a look here for all of your alarm requirements.
  • Construction Site Products

    Construction Site Products (13)

    This section is specifically for the construction sites. Have a look thorough our products that we find are most commonly used on site.
  • Fire Blankets

    Fire Blankets (1)

    Our range of fire blankets have been chosen for their quality, We believe there is absolutely no point having an inferior quality item. If anything this can be more dangerous than not having one at all. With our blankets you can rest assured you are buying a kitemarked quality product.
  • Fire Extinguisher ID Signs

    Fire Extinguisher ID Signs (6)

    We stock ID signs in a variety of shapes and sizes, Please get in touch if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist.
  • Fire Extinguishers

    Fire Extinguishers (20)

    Our fire extinguishers are only available for delivery by our engineers. As a company we operate inline with current British standards and this means that all of the extinguishers we supply are commissioned on site by our qualified engineers. We strongly advise against purchasing pre commissioned equipment from internet based suppliers. We can carry out a survey to ensure you have the correct cover for your premises. Please get in contact to arrange your free no obligation survey.
  • Health and Safety Signage

    Health and Safety Signage (46)

    All of our signage is make bespoke and can be made to your exact requirements, If you do not see what you need get in contact and we will be very happy to assist.
  • Stands

    Stands (5)

    Fire extinguishers cannot always be fixed to a wall, sometimes it is better for them to be on a stand or a wheeled trolley. We stock a large range of options. All great quality and ready to be delivered to your business.
  • Storage

    Storage (7)

    When keeping extinguishers outside they require protecting from the elements to ensure they last and are ready to use in an emergency. With our range of boxes you can be guaranteed to find the right box for your needs.