Fire training

Fire Awareness & Practical Extinguisher Training.

The Fire Safety Order 2005 states that “The responsible person must ensure that his employees are provided with adequate safety training”. It is also expected that their training is updated periodically where appropriate. 

Our Fire awareness and practical extinguisher training is aimed at members of staff that require information on how to help prevent a fire starting, what to do in the event of a fire occurring and how to select and operate the correct fire extinguisher for different classes of fire. The course is delivered with both a theory and a practical demonstration. The equipment we use enables us to let participants extinguish an A Class and a simulated electrical fire. (All we ask is for a space the size of 4 average sized vehicles to be made available outside 1 hr before the course is due to start. 

 Typically this course will last approximately 2 hours for upto 12 people.


Course Details

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Triangle/Chemistry of Fire

Module 3: Classes Of Fire

Module 4: Types Of Fire Extinguishers

Module 5: Assessing The Situation

Module 6: Using A Fire Extinguisher

Module 7: Practical Use Of Extinguishers

Fire Marshal and Practical Extinguisher Training

Your fire marshals will require more in depth training in what to do in the event of a fire as they will have greater responsibility should a fire break out in your workplace. Our training courses are tailored to your businesses needs and are carried out on site minimising disruption to your staffs working hours. 

They will be provided with an in-depth knowledge into exactly what their responsibilities are and what will be expected of them in their role as a fire marshal. The course will teach delegates how to help minimise the risk of fire but also what to do should a fire occur. 

This course will also have a practical element where participants will have the opportunity to use a variety of different fire extinguishers on live fires. (All we ask is for a space the size of 4 average sized vehicles to be made available 1hr before the course is due to start)

Typically this course will last: Up to 12 people – 3hrs

Course Details

Module 1 : Introduction Into Fire Safety.

Module 2: Chemistry Of Fire.

Module 3: Classes Of Fire.

Module 4: Fire Detection/Raising The Alarm.

Module 5: Fire Extinguishers.

Module 6: Fire Signage.

Module 7: Fire Drills.

Module 8: Roll Of the Fire Marshal/Warden.

Module 9: Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan.

Module 10: Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan.

Module 11: Assisting The Fire Service.

Module 12: Practical Use Of Extinguishers.

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