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Fire Awareness & Extinguisher Training

Norfolk, Norwich Fire Training

Under the Fire safety order 2005 staff are required to be trained how to use a fire extinguisher and also what to do in the event of a fire. Our Fire Awareness & Extinguisher training delivers just this! Delegates will be given an in depth lesson from the chemistry of fire to what action to take if discovering a fire. Everyone will also have the opportunity of using a water, foam and Co2 extinguisher on a live fire. There is no pass or fail however there is some multiple answer questions at the end. Everyone will go away with a certificate to show they have completed their fire awareness and extinguisher training. 

Fire awareness & extinguisher training

Norfolk Staff Fire Training

Our fire marshal course is designed for people that have extra fire safety responsibilities at work. This course covers everything from fire legislation through to how to safely evacuate their building or designated area. This can be added onto the extinguisher course if required. Your marshals will also benefit from learning how to use fire extinguishers on live fires. 

fire warden-marshal training

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